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MUK haircare

muk Haircare is a professional, genuine Australian haircare brand.

Since entering the market, our mission has been to create a professional hair brand that meets everyone's needs and simply works as a result.

After more than 12 years, muk Haircare has become a true leader in professional hair care in Australia and in the global market, a consumer favourite and now has exclusive distribution in 27 countries worldwide.

With a full professional colour range, 34 products in the core range, five specialist argan oil products and six of the best selling electric appliances, the brand is award winning and catered to every hair care need.

We are committed to our environment
All muk Haircare products are PETA approved - this means we will not test on or commission animal testing for our ingredients, formulations or finished products....Nor will we ever!

muk is 100% Australian.

muk is 100% committed to ensuring our products deliver what they promise.

muk is 100% animal testing free.

muk is 100% YOU.

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