Selective Professional COLOREVO hair color with CERAFLUX PLUS contents

Sensational results, full and healthy hair thanks to expensive complexes of active ingredients that act in all phases of coloring.
Vivid, clear and long-lasting colors thanks to balanced dye (pigments) and protective components.
The color resists the effects of sunlight.
Long-lasting radiant and sparkling reflections.
Pleasant floral fragrance, pleasant for professionals and customers.
COLOREVO offers an exceptional range of distinctive and customizable colors.
More than 170 shades carefully selected and achievable with the top mix of 105 standard shades and 68 recipes for new conceptual shades.
In combination with ColorEvo MIX, you can neutralize unwanted glare with 5 pure shades and 2 neutral formulations and create unlimited color variations according to color theory (Oswald-Sterne Ceraflux Plus: Bioidentical Lipid Concentrate, which allows you to achieve an ideal cosmetic and color effect).
With the addition of fatty acids, phytosphingosine and cholesterol (of plant origin), they perfectly mimic the lipids naturally present in the hair, providing a protective film that makes hair shinier and more vital.

Use: ColorEvo CERAFLUX PLUS acts synergistically with COLOREVO OXY peroxides 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, increases the intensity and shine of color.
The proportion of the mixture is 1 + 1 [zB: 100 ml COLOREVO + 100 ml COLOREVO OXY] for dry hair.
For tinting, use 3% peroxide and apply to damp, already washed hair.
In combination with COLOREVO MIX, add the appropriate amount according to the selected shade: the lighter the shade, the smaller the amount of COLOREVO MIX.
For shades from 9-10, it is recommended to add 5% compared to the total amount of cream. Apply to dry hair. Leave the colour on for 30 minutes.

Packaging: 100 mlCOLOREVO

Blond Super Lightener CERAFLUX PLUS

series for super brightness - bright shiny blondeCOLOREVO

Blond is used in a mixture with COLOREVO OXY 12%.

The proportion of the mixture is 1 + 2 [z.B.: 100 ml COLOREVO Blond + 200 ml COLOREVO OXY 12%].
Lightens up to 4-5 tones; neutralizes glare and adds shine to lightened hair.
COLOREVO Blond can also be used on grey hair in a proportion of 30%.

Available in 5 colours:

1000 - ULTRABIONDO natural




1017- ULTRABIONDO BOREALE / boreal Apply to dry hair. Exposure time: 45 minutes Packaging: 100 ml


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